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As a book marketer, launching several books around the same timeframe requires careful coordination and creative thinking to position each title competitively. Powerful AI tools like Claude and MidJourney allow you to efficiently devise integrated social strategies and engaging assets across multiple releases.


In this article, we'll explore hands-on how to tap into these leading AI technologies to level up your multi-book social promotion.


Getting Started with Claude and MidJourney


First, gain access to Claude AI and MidJourney through their company sites. Claude excels at generating written text while MidJourney produces visual creatives. You can substitute either of these with your Large Language Model and Diffusion Model of choice – these are the ones we recommend for ease of use.


Provide Claude with summaries of the 3 books detailing titles, genres, dates, themes, audiences etc. This gives the AIs necessary context to be able to give solid advice and come up with ideas.


Strategic Social Planning with Claude AI


Prompt Claude to recommend an optimal 3-month social media content calendar and strategy that incorporates all 3 books. Ask Claude to suggest solutions for the following:


  • Ideal timing and presentation order per platform considering seasonality, competition, and audience overlap
  • Who the right audience is for each book – this may augment your own ideas on who would enjoy the book
  • Which platforms suit each book best, considering their audiences
  • How many posts should be done per book to create the best momentum
  • Ask for cross-promo ideas between books, to understand how the books could support one another during launch
  • Ask for more off-the-wall marketing ideas it has – these will be more unusual and differing practical possibility, but may come up with something viable


Re-prompt the AI if the responses aren’t completely useful – it works well when you give it more parameters to work within. You can give it examples of output you find helpful too, which will help it to understand what you’re expecting to see.  


Crafting Captivating Social Copy with Claude


Claude can create eye-catching and exciting copy for each social post that’s needed, including hooks and teasers (you will need to supply quotes as it hasn’t read the book).

Ask Claude to create sample Facebook/Instagram captions tailored to angles and moments in each story. For example:


"Write a short social media post teasing the central conflict in Book 1 from the perspective of the main character."


Get Claude to produce numerous post ideas aligned to your calendar.


Driving Visual Engagement with MidJourney


Prompt MidJourney to visualize sample social posts based on descriptions of main characters, like:


"An image of a woman with red hair standing on the edge of a cliff looking powerful. Wearing loose robes. During a storm with lightening.”


Request MidJourney generate graphics, scenes, characters etc for each book. Ensure that you build in the mood and style of each book so that the images are tonally aligned with the author’s creation.


Curate the best outputs and add images of the book cover, book title or author name to the image to create share-worthy social content.


Execute a Coordinated Multi-Title Social Strategy


With Claude and MidJourney's help, book marketers can efficiently devise and produce strategic multi-book social campaigns. Take advantage of AI to uncover the most compelling social hooks and creatives from your upcoming title slate. Let AI accelerate your marketing efforts.



Searsha Sadek
Post by Searsha Sadek
September 11, 2023
Founder & CPO of Shimmr AI