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Frequently Asked Questions

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How we do it

We generate durable revenue for Published Titles. We do so by ‘bringing books into the light’, which involves understanding the ‘DNA’ of a book and showing this in a continuously self-optimising advertising campaign throughout a subscription, deployed into owned and paid media channels.

With machines, or ‘AI’. They read the book, understand and distil different elements we’ve taught them to identify, create advertising assets faithful to that essence, then put the ads into relevant media channels. It’s end-to-end, and automated. We just need the authorised ePub from the Title’s publisher, to get going.

Ad copy for assets, book descriptions, keywords and author bios.


All of this copy is optimised to improve engagement, visibility in search results, and conversion to sales, and has been tested extensively. If you’d like to see some examples, just ask!

Shimmr deploys ads to the major digital ad platforms, with an initial focus on Google and Amazon. This means you can expect your ads to appear mainly in Google Search ads, Google banner ads, and Amazon ads. 

Shimmr gets narrow on the niche, and finds the right people, in the right place, at the right time. We automatically optimize ad placement based on the best performing ads, to maximize your ROI.

Shimmr pushes traffic to whatever sales platform you choose, such as an e-commerce store, Amazon or the Kindle Store.

Shimmr AI uses a combination of Large Language Models and reinforcement learning models. We use in-context learning to match books to readers based on psychological factors like values, interests, and emotions. We also analyze trends and events to understand what impacts interest in certain books. Our LLMs process book text, titles, and covers to generate compelling marketing assets like descriptions and ads. These descriptions and ads are fully AI-generated and carry no risk of using copyrighted images from any other source. We use reinforcement learning for our agent-based system that continually improves our analysis and creative generation. The models work together to automatically deploy optimized campaigns through the digital channels that will best reach the right audiences and produce strong ROI. As we continue developing, we will evaluate and integrate the most effective AI architectures for book understanding and creative personalization. This AI chain is built on our proprietary framework.

Working with us

Any, really! Shimmr is effective at driving sales for non-fiction and fiction, in any format. We use psychological profiling to match books with readers, whether they’re looking for a how-to book, or a holiday read. Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about how this works:

Ads are deployed automatically, but you can choose to stop or remove them at any point. We encourage our partners to review the first rounds of ads Shimmr produces for their titles, before moving to automatic deployment. We’re always happy to talk about this with you if you’d like to know more about approvals:

In a nutshell: the right audience for a book and the most effective creative to advertise it. 

 In the platform, you get:
- Complete transparency of all the ads and formats that are going out
- The product descriptions
- The Audience Matches for the title
- The click
-based results for each ad, and title

We have insights from campaigns we’ve run with our partners and customers (which have been really effective), so please get in touch to find out more:

Shimmr is an annual subscription service with a monthly charge. This includes creation, deployment and optimisation of advertising per title. Additional media spend, beyond what’s included in the monthly fee, is discretionary for the subscriber.

Feel free to book a meeting in straight away:


Or get in touch at - we’d love to show you our platform!

The ads are specific to a country. The targeting specificity and deployment are most effective when focussed on a particular market, so the algorithms can learn what works and optimise best, so that’s how we structure our subscriptions.


The ePUB is used to create our ads but does not become part of the training set of the LLM. The BookDNA produced is used purely for the benefit of the title, nothing else, and permission for us to produce it is granted when a publisher or author joins Shimmr.

Shimmr owns the copyright for campaign assets developed - and you're welcome to use them in your own channels.

That’s because Shimmr’s campaign assets are assemblies of components - an image, a line, a button, colours, particular sizes and configurations. Though it is true that content components created via AI do not have clear copyright status themselves, the deliberate creative assembly process at Shimmr transforms the individual parts into an original work that can be copyrighted as any advertising content assembled solely by people. So while AI is used to produce building blocks, human creativity directs the integration of those blocks into a unified, copyrightable advertising asset.

Shimmr has no effect on an author’s IP.

Shimmr creates ads or marketing assets only for books for which it has express permission to do so, or for works that are copyright-free (such as the examples on our website). Shimmr will never infringe an author’s copyright in the creation of assets.