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As an author, standing out on social media is crucial for promoting your latest book. AI art generation platforms like MidJourney allow you to create stunning visual ads tailored to your story in minutes. In this article, we'll walk through how to harness MidJourney to produce captivating and shareable social media creatives for your book launch.


Getting Started with MidJourney Access


First, you'll need access to MidJourney through Discord, where the AI art community resides. Join the MidJourney Discord server - registration is free.


Once in Discord, connect your account to MidJourney under "roles" and gain Member access to start generating images. MidJourney offers 25 free credits monthly to create basic images. You can also subscribe for more image generation capabilities.


Crafting Your Book Ad Prompts


When ready, visit the MidJourney channel and think creatively about visual ad concepts related to your book. The key is prompts that provide helpful context for the AI.


For example, "A social media ad for a new young adult sci-fi book showing the main character standing on a cliff overlooking a futuristic glowing city at night."


You can include details like genres, character names, settings, and themes. Treat it like a 5 year old, and explain to it in detail what you want to see. Remember that MidJourney pays the most attention to the beginning of the prompt, so make sure you lay out the characters and setting early in the prompt.


Make sure you include:

- artistic style

- light in the scene

- distance from “camera” e.g. close up, from a distance etc


Let Your Creativity Run Wild


Beyond basic book cover images, prompt MidJourney to conceptualize exciting "what-if" scenarios and adaptations of your story, like:


"Movie poster for [Book Title] showing the dramatic climax."

"An animated gif ad for [Book Title] highlighting romantic moments."

"Surrealist painting style social media image depicting the key relationships in [Book Title]."

With captions and cropping, these striking visuals become captivating social ads that capture attention.


Curating Your MidJourney Images


Once generated through MidJourney, review your image results and select the best ones to potentially boost with Discord's upscaler bot for enhanced resolution. You can then download your hi-res ad creations and optimize them for each social platform.


Add your book title, copy, website, release date, and other text overlays. Size images for Instagram posts, Facebook/Twitter banners, or square ads. Your AI-generated creatives will captivate readers.


Here is a useful article with more detail on how to use the tool, in depth:


Amplify Your Reach With Paid Ads


Consider boosting your top MidJourney visuals as paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. AI-powered imagery optimized for key book interest targeting gives your ad spend an extra edge.


Shimmr specialises in understanding which parts of your book will be most motivating to readers, and brings them to life in ads. We breathe more life into your book, and then match it with new readers and audiences. It’s all automated, and the only thing you need to do is provide the book. So if you’d like us to do all the legwork for you – let us know!

Searsha Sadek
Post by Searsha Sadek
September 11, 2023
Founder & CPO of Shimmr AI