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It's amazing how a stranger can unexpectedly enrich your life. That's what happened when I met Kevin Lockett last week during a fun, wide-ranging podcast interview. As the host of a thoughtful Youtube interview series, Kevin has conversations with many fascinating guests. If you don't already know his channel, I highly recommend checking it out and subscribing.

Kevin and I covered plenty of ground, discussing AI, Shimmr, and even some of life's bigger questions. Meeting him made my day and expanded my thinking. I'm grateful for people like Kevin - they make the world a little brighter.

00:00:00 - Nadim Sadek and Boss Bikes Club
00:05:38 - The Neuroscience of AI and Online Marketing
00:10:56 - The Advent of AI in Decision-Making
00:16:21 - The Influence of Corporations in our Lives
00:21:44 - AI and Human Creativity
00:27:10 - Exploring Notting Hill and Music in AI
00:32:28 - Building successful brands through relationships
00:38:01 - Choosing between charitable organizations
00:43:43 - Writing Prompt: Making Omelettes for a Politician
00:49:14 - Humility and Learning


Nadim Sadek
Post by Nadim Sadek
November 2, 2023
Founder & CEO of Shimmr AI