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Reshaping Publishing: Mensch & Shimmr

Many of you will have seen Richard Charkin's recent announcement about the future of his wonderful publishing house, Mensch. Richard is not only moving Mensch to a fully Print-on-Demand model with IngramSpark, he will also be using Shimmr to drive sales of his whole catalog.

Speaking on Shimmr's behalf, we're thrilled to be working with Richard in such a significant and impactful way. It is no exaggeration to suggest that this is a significant moment for not only Shimmr, but for publishing's advancement - given Richard's standing in the industry.

The whole Shimmr team is looking forward to supporting Mensch's growth with greater reach, discoverability, and sales of all its fabulous titles.

You can read Richard's original announcement here 👉 


Nadim Sadek
Post by Nadim Sadek
December 4, 2023
Founder & CEO of Shimmr AI