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Automated Advertising Campaigns for Every Title


As a book marketer, discovering the perfect audience for each title in your catalog can seem like an impossible task – let alone creating content to suit them. With hundreds or thousands of books to promote, how can you make sure every single one gets a fair shot at success? This is where Shimmr AI comes in.


Analyzing Book DNA to Identify Marketable Attributes


Shimmr is an automated book advertising platform that uses proprietary IP and artificial intelligence to analyze the DNA of each book and identify its most marketable attributes. Our AI can extract key themes, hooks, and psychological appeals within the text to understand what makes every book uniquely compelling.


Bringing Standout Elements to Life Through Targeted Campaigns


These AI-generated insights are then used to bring a book's standout elements to life through psychologically-tuned and engaging advertising campaigns. Shimmr matches books to their ideal target audience based on the underlying drivers of interest uncovered in the analysis. This allows us to align messaging and creatives to be maximally intriguing for each potential buyer.

The result is automated, personalized advertising plans that give each book the spotlight it deserves. Every title benefits from custom advertising campaigns that optimise year-round, speaking directly to those most likely to become readers.


Fast, Affordable Advertising for Entire Catalogs


Shimmr handles all of this automatically using cutting-edge natural language processing and generative AI. As soon as you provide the book file, our algorithms go to work analyzing, strategizing and creating tailored assets. The sophisticated AI behind the scenes includes large language models like Claude and generative image engines like MidJourney and Stable Diffusion.

This means creating individualized, psychologically-informed campaigns for your entire catalog is now fast, efficient and affordable. Shimmr augments and accelerates your human creativity rather than replacing it. You can make sure every author is supported with digital advertising campaigns, while breathing new life into your backlist.


Profitable Advertising for Frontlist and Backlist


For the first time, giving each book the attention it deserves is economically viable thanks to automation. Shimmr allows you to profitably resurrect neglected titles, re-engage old audiences and activate new ones. Both frontlist and backlist get the tailored advertising required to connect them to their readership.

Shimmr ensures your books get attention not just at launch, but all year long. Our AI continually optimizes campaigns, keeping creatives fresh and audiences relevant. As trends and interests shift in the outside world, Shimmr adapts to align messaging with what will resonate most right now. This dynamic optimization means we keep books visible even months after publication, maximizing the number of qualified readers engaging at the ideal times. Shimmr works 24/7 to promote your catalog with power and precision throughout the year.


Illuminating Hidden Potential in Your Catalog


We understand publishers may have concerns about using AI. Our AI enhances human imagination rather than threatens it. We enable people to do things further than what is possible now. We firmly believe human creativity will continue to adapt and thrive alongside these new technologies.

Shimmr sheds light on your catalog so readers can discover their next favorite book. Our sole focus is helping publishers and authors by making titles visible that would otherwise languish unseen. We give every book its best chance at success.


We can illuminate your catalog and match books to eager readers. Our AI will uncover your titles' hidden potential so you can profit from books you thought were past their prime. Give new life to your backlist and put long-forgotten books back into the hands of fans. Contact us today to see how Shimmr's automated advertising can work for you.

Searsha Sadek
Post by Searsha Sadek
September 11, 2023
Founder & CPO of Shimmr AI