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Introducing Shimmr to indie publishers and authors in the US

We recently attended our first Independent Book Publishers Association Publishing University event, and it was a great experience. There is an amazing sense of community and support for US-based independent publishers and authors, which is so evident at these gatherings. We met so many publishers and authors making an impact in the industry, brilliantly supported by the IBPA’s education and community efforts. 

We loved spending time with our industry friends like Thad McIlroy; seeing presentations from respected industry leaders like Cevin Bryerman; and contributing our perspective on how AI can be embraced by Publishing, particularly for discoverability and monetization. Searsha’s panel discussion on that subject was received enthusiastically – thank you to everyone who came to it.

Shimmr received a really energetic reception from the community, which we’re grateful for. We’re already looking forward to our next IBPA meet up!

Shimmr IBPA-1
Shimmr IBPA 2-1
Shimmr IBPA 3


Post by Shimmr
April 27, 2024
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