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Bringing books from darkness into the light

In a world where attention spans are shrinking and algorithmic recommendations dominate our choices, books face a greater challenge than ever before. Brilliant stories lie un-read. Breathtaking imagination lies quiet in the shadows of our attention. The question arises: Which book should I choose? We are accustomed to video clips and personalized suggestions that excite and captivate us. Yet, in the normal run of things, all we do is judge a book by its cover, if we even see its cover.


Psychologically matching books with readers

Through AI advertising, we bridge this gap by delivering windows into the story , captivating potential readers , and connecting them with books they are most likely to enjoy. Our approach goes beyond mere exposure. We make it possible to judge books not just by their covers.

Books must find a way to capture people 's attention and convince them to invest their time and money . We dive deep into the psychology of readers , profiling their preferences and identifying the individuals who are most likely to resonate with a particular book. We do the same with books – understanding their psychological and emotional values, beyond just knowing its genre, characters and plot. By matching the right book with the right reader, we create a symbiotic relationship — a connection that goes beyond a transaction. We help to achieve fulfilment – matching books and readers.


Bringing human creativity to life

One powerful use of AI is in bringing human creativity to life. We live in a world where imagination is a precious asset, and AI can help us celebrate it like never before. Whether it 's in the arts, literature, or any other creative endeavour, AI can be a catalyst for innovation and enable us to reach a wider audience .

At Shimmr, we believe that every book deserves its time in the spotlight. Each book is a testament to human imagination, painstakingly crafted, honed, and delivered to its final form. Our mission is to breathe new life into these creations and ensure they find their rightful place in the world. With AI advertising, we provide a unique opportunity for people to get a glimpse into the story, get hooked, and be more likely to buy. Shimmr exists to give every book a chance by bringing its human story to life and matching it with people who will genuinely enjoy it. We understand that the true value of a book lies not just in its content but in the connection it forges between the author's ideas and the reader's imagination.


A new era of possibilities for marketing books

AI has unlocked a new era of possibilities, enabling us to push the boundaries of what we thought was achievable. In the world of publishing, AI can breathe new life into books; matching them with the right readers and fostering a deeper connection. Let us embrace AI as a powerful tool, celebrating human creativity, and unlocking a future where technology and imagination coexist harmoniously.

Searsha Sadek
Post by Searsha Sadek
June 2, 2023
Founder & CPO of Shimmr AI