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Automated Advertising that sells books

Bring your books into the light with advertising that drives sales of your whole catalogue, through continuously self-optimising campaigns. Automated end-to-end.

✔ Discoverability         ✔ Sales          ✔ Scalability

Shimmr helps you sell more books, more efficiently.



Bring books to life



Find readers for every book


Marketing Copy

Specialized copy for sales


What's in it for me?

Create fame and drive sales for all your books,

no matter how popular. 



Get books discovered by the right audience



Create demand and monetise backlist titles

What Publishing is saying about Shimmr

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“We're so happy to be working with the wonderful Shimmr AI, testing out their innovative and very smart book marketing's innovative and it's different and it's something exciting and new in book marketing that deserves to be supported. Plus, having the opportunity to collaborate with such super-knowledgeable, customer-focused, patient and genuinely happy and friendly people is a very wonderful experience in and of itself.”


The Right Book Company
The Right Book Company
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Victor Acquista
Victor Acquista
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"All Mensch titles will be supported by targeted digital advertising from Shimmr AI who use technology to analyse each book, identify potential audiences, generate adverts and place them in the most efficient media.

Many publishers are experimenting with these new models. Mensch is doing more. We are adopting them for all our titles and putting all our efforts behind what I am sure will become the norm in publishing worldwide."


Copy of Hubspot publisher tile_Mensch
Mensch Publishing
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"Shimmr has introduced 'Reverse Discoverability’ - where every book finds its audience.


Reverse-Discoverability: Books Discovering Readers

On the grandest scale, an approach of this kind–making content connected to its most appropriate consumer through automated processes–could make the entire publishing canon become to some extent viable: all the boats could float, as happens twice daily at high tide in Jeremy’s Inlet south of Charleston."

Read the full article here.


Porter Anderson
Porter Anderson
Editor-in-Chief, Publishing Perspectives